Venue: Liquid Joe's

Date: Jul 21 to Jul 22

Length: All day.


Liquid Joe’s Presents:

Gallows Bound

Whisky Dick

7:00 pm – $10 advance tickets – 21+

About Gallows Bound:

“Being raised in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains and stemming from three chord punk rock provides for a unique twist on traditional instruments. With their first album “Empty Flask, Empty Heart”, the songs are described as an “aggressive yet melodic collection” ranging from fast and punchy tales of rambling and love, to dark and soulful songs birthed from whiskey and regret.
“Their live set is performed as impeccably as their studio set, and you really can feel how much energy, love, and emotion is poured not only into their writing, but into their performance.”

About Whisky Dick:

he Band WHISKEYDICK consists of Two Tattooed MetalNecks( Fritz and Reverend Johnson ) . They met while both playing in two different Metal bands and would always have an after party after our shows. So they started playing acoustic guitars and jammin’ on old country songs which then led to them writing their own songs. They have been a two piece acoustic band since their first show in 2005. After their first couple of shows they decided that they needed a band name. Nursing a hangover on their way to a show Fritz blurted out from the back seat …” I Got It !!!! ” ….WHISKEYDICK !!! Reverend hated it at first but after a minute he came to like it. It is now at the dawn of 2015 which means they will be celebrating 10 years as a band called WHISKEYDICK !!!! They have been touring eight months out of the year and they have recently completed a six month tour with no break while promoting their new album ” From The Devil’s Boots “. The Tour consisted of 33 States and 6 different countries as they are now touring in Europe. WHISKEYDICK is a now a member of Rusty Knuckles Record Label and they are looking forward to releasing the 8th album ” The Bastard Sons of Texas ” in Spring 2015.

This is going to be AMAZING!!