The Peach Kings 2016 US Tour

Venue: Liquid Joe's

Date: Jul 14 to Jul 15

Length: All day.

7 pm – 1 am

The Peach Kings and Mobley presents: The Night Sweat Tour

The Peach Kings


Local open bands: Black Kiss and Whassup

About The Peach Kings: Once they reach this leg of their tour, they will have finished their tour supporting Cyndi Lauper! TPK are the duo, Paige Wood and Steven Dies, whose sexy and relatable rock and roll is the soundtrack for their intimate love story. With a vibe and stage presence described as sultry and sweaty, their sound and aesthetic is a nod to classic cult directors like Lynch, Tarantino, and Andersen.

About Mobley: Cutting vocals in the woods behind his college dorm. Mixing in the backseat of a sedan. Sneaking into the music department after hours to teach himself to play new instruments (and sneaking out before the faculty arrived in the morning). From the start, Mobley’s work has been marked by solitude, ingenuity, and a drive that could only be called obsessive. Whether you experience his music on record or at one of his live shows (on stage, he’s electric), the passion is palpable. Mobley grew up all over the world, from the Spanish Mediterranean to the California coast. Perhaps it’s because of this itinerant childhood that he finds it so hard to sit still.

Over the last few years, he’s composed dozens of pieces for stage and television, played 150+ national tour dates (with the likes of JUNGLE, Mutemath, & Wavves and at festivals like Savannah Stopover and Float Fest), and recorded (then scrapped) two whole albums in pursuit of the songs that would become his forthcoming full-length debut, Fresh Lies. The album, on which Mobley plays every instrument, defies easy classification, drawing liberally (often simultaneously) from indie rock, R&B, and pop sensibilities. He’s equally at home on a playlist next to The Weeknd and TV on the Radio alike, while his electronic, dub-dabbling production style calls to mind the intricate work of artists like James Blake and Thom Yorke.